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Aircraft Sales Division

Blades Aviation Aircraft Sales Division has been helping people and corporations meet their aircraft requirements for 18 years. Delivering and purchasing helicopters and fixed wing aircraft from and to all 4 corners of the globe.

We specialize in light ,intermediate, and medium helicopters and single and multi-engine airplanes. Blades helps it customers through the complete acquisition process providing location, inspection, and transportation expertise.

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Recent Sales and Transportation

AS350BA from Bolivia to Canada

This sale included inspection , plus ferry flight and all permits to get the aircraft over the Amazon and across the Caribbean Sea all the way to Canada.

AS350B2 from Japan to Mexico

A complicated sale including import and export C of A's Containerization and an upgrade of paint and equipment. Blades completed the entire process for the customer from location in Japan to ferry flight to Mexico.

Bell 206 B3 from New Zealand to France

This 900 hour aircraft underwent a long journey and complete paint and interior up grade


Bell 205A from USA to Canada

We would say this was an easy one... new rotor system a little packing and off to Canada by truck from California.

Various fixed wing aircraft.

Blades has delivered fixed wing aircraft for the private pilot and charter operator, whether it be a specialized float plane, sport plane, or for personal transport.