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Blades Aviation Paint Process Tutorial

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Murphy Float Plane with extra corrosion coat and float work.


Aircraft is stripped of all original paint


Sheet metal repairs done as needed


Fiberglass and body work done as required


Aircraft alodined and acid etched for corrosion prevention


Initial primer coat applied


Zinc chromate or strodium chromate applied as per customer request




Aircraft is masked and base color coat applied


Aircraft masked for secondary base coat


Secondary base coat is applied




Controls have first and second base coats applied concurrently with aircraft for continuity of color and to expedite painting process. Controls are then balanced as per manufactures maintenance procedures.


Aircraft is masked for trim coats


Masking is removed and wing walk applied


Floats and aircraft are detailed and inspected


Controls reinstalled a and registration is put on aircraft as per FAA and DOT requirements


Spinner is reinstalled after inspection and polishing


Aircraft detailed and inspected

Final delivery to happy owner

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